Dental Cleanings in Glendale, AZ.

Desert Valley Dentistry & Spa recommends every patient comes into the office every six months for a dental cleaning. Cleanings are vital for a healthy smile.

We start your cleaning by talking about your current dental routines and habits, your health history, goals, risk factors and diet. After the interview portion of the cleaning we will then move on to physical examinations such as screening for disease, TMD and oral cancers. We will check the teeth for any decay present, complete a bite evaluation and check any past dental work. We also complete x-rays on your teeth so we may determine their health.

We begin our cleanings with plaque and tartar removal using a dental scaler and a mirror to remove any plaque accumulated at the gum line and in between your teach.

Deep cleaning and polishing is up next. Your dental hygienist will polish your teeth with a high-powered electric brush. This high-powered electric toothbrush cleans very effectively and removes any tartar that the dental scaler may have missed. Teeth cleanings use a special granular type of toothpaste that tastes like the store-bought toothpaste that you may have at home. The granular consistency helps to polish and scrub your teeth and is safe to do several times a year.

You may feel like you are flossing correctly at home, but your dental hygienist will walk you through the correct way to floss while you can view their work with a hand-held mirror.

Rinsing out your mouth is one of the final steps in professional dental cleaning to remove any debris and residue. Your hygienist squirts water in your mouth or you will rinse with liquid fluoride, which you will swish back and forth in your mouth for 60 seconds and then spit.

The fluoride treatment is next in the teeth cleaning process and is optional. Fluoride treatment helps prevent cavities in your mouth for several months. The treatment goes on your teeth in a foam or gel consistency and stays on your teeth for about a minute before being rinsed off.

After completing these steps your dentist will come into the exam room and will conduct your checkup.

Professional cleanings should take place at least twice a year, or however often your dentist recommends.

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