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If your teeth are not as white and vibrant as you would like them to be, visit Desert Valley Dentistry & Spa to experience the Glo Teeth Whitening system. Glo is a modern approach to teeth whitening that uses gentle warming heat and safe LED light to accelerate the results. You can expect to get 5-8 shades lighter and brighter in just one office visit.

Glo teeth whitening gels contain active ingredients to remove stubborn stains that live beneath the tooth, as well as stains that are on the surface of the teeth. Glo is a powerful whitener that includes potassium nitrate and fluoride which are both found to minimize tooth and gum sensitivity.

Glo whitening is a quick and efficient way to teething whitening because it is:

Safe – The gel formula contains hydrogen peroxide, which is safe for your teeth and gums

Gentle – The desensitizing enhancer and get protect teeth from sensitivity

Effective – Glo Science technology can help with your teeth up to 12 shades in one hour!

Glo Treatments are available both in office, and with a take-home kit.  With the patented Glo Take Home kits you can expect your teeth to lighten 5 shades in 5 days with use of the safe blue LED light and 10% hydrogen peroxide minty fresh whitening gel. The GLO Take Home kit is fast, fun, and easy to use.  It saves you time and brightens your smile safely and without pain in four short, 8-minute treatments per day. The device is hands free so you can whiten your teeth while doing your hair or makeup, or getting ready for the day.

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